Osmo’s Pizza Co. Helps Teach Children About Business and Finance

Augmented reality isn’t just for catching Pokémon around the neighborhood. Osmo has made a name for itself by combining an iPad along with real-world play and learning. And its newest game – Pizza Co. – is all about entrepreneurship and learning more about finances.
Build a businessInstead of the time-tested lemonade stand, the game is all about something kids and adults can agree on – pizza. The set comes with a physical pizza tray, toppings, and play money to fulfill order and make change.
Using the iPad, kids will need to keep hungry animal customers happy and the shop going strong. Some of the skills taught in the game include financial literacy, emotional intelligence, and applied math.
Here’s how it works.
Preorder nowIf you currently have an Osmo gaming system, you can preorder Pizza Co. no…

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a Fun and Exciting Collectible Card Game

The Plants vs. Zombies saga is far from over.
Heroes assemble!Just sprouting up on the App Store, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is tons of fun.
This time, the wacky plants and brain-hungry zombies are heading into collectible card game territory.
Gamers can discover 20 unique plants and zombie heroes along with more than 200 cards. Like other CCG games, you’ll need need to create your own deck, try out different strategies, and upgrade when needed.
Along with great single-player matches, you can also take on other players in friendly or ranked real-time battles.
There are more than 80 adventures and 400 levels to play through.
Wrap-upPlants vs. Zombies Heroes is a de…

Hello Again: Apple Will Announce New Macs on October 27

It’s official. Apple has just announced a special media event next week on Thursday, Oct. 27
New MacsThe event will kick off at 10 a.m. PDT on the Apple campus. Anyone can watch the event as Apple is planning a livestream available here.
Apple is expected to unveil a new MacBook Pro model with an OLED touch panel strip that will replace the function row at the top of the keyboard. Another big change could include four USB-C ports. A 13-inch and 15-inch model is expected.
We could also see a new MacBook Air with USB-C as well….