A $99 add-on that promises to bring 3D sound to standard headphones

3D Sound Labs 3D sound, it’s, ahem, all around you. From the look (or, rather, sound of it), hardware startups are convinced that the effect is set to be the next big thing in consumer audio, and Kickstarter, accordingly, is littered with headphones that promise a more immersive listening experience akin to the recent VR boom. Most companies went ahead and built the technology directly into a pair… Read More

Running at 150,000 RPM, this tiny motor could help satellites keep on course

femtosat-6 The future is small in space: picture Cubesats the size of toasters and Femtosats an inch across crowding the skies. A newly invented motor that’s both tiny and powerful goes hand in hand with that vision, providing compact spacecraft with the ability to adjust their position without using a drop of fuel. First, though, a little engineering lesson. Here comes the science! It’s… Read More

The Blink Security Camera System Keeps an Eye on Your Home Without Wires

The ProductThanks to the iPhone and other smartphones, securing a home with video surveillance has definitely gotten a lot easier, and much less costly. But there’s always one major problem when trying to decide where to place the video cameras in your home – the power wire.
While some homeowners might not have a problem with snaking wires through walls or even installing new power outlets, it’s definitely not an option for anyone who rents an apartment or home.
The new Blink system wants to provide the freedom of a completely wireless camera in an inexpensive and easy-to-use package. And for the most part, it succeeds.
To get started, you’ll need to decide how many cameras to place at home. One camera and the Wi-Fi sync module starts at $99 while the three-camera system is reasonably priced at $219. If you want…

Connect the Lines in Klocki, a Gorgeous Puzzler

 by Maciej Targoni iconKlocki ($0.99) by Maciej Targoni is a relaxing puzzle game that is about connecting lines together. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing puzzle game, then this is a good choice to consider. It joins other great recent puzzle releases like Quell Zen and Dots & Co.
While it seems that all the rage these days in terms of mobile games is just Pokémon Go, I live in Southern California and we’re facing a stifling heat wave right now, and probably more later on in this summer season. So going outside in almost 100 degree weather to look …

3Doodler’s CEO talks about what comes after the crowdfunding

3Doodler “You don’t just hand over a prototype to manufacturing and say, ‘make this,’ ” Maxwell Bogue explains, offering some off-hand advice to hardware startups. “Whatever you made is wrong. It’s just not mass producible, as much you think it is.”
He speaks from experience. The first time I met Wobbleworks’ CEO, his office was a small cube in a… Read More